Sustainable raw material

Sea salt is by far the most eco-friendly type of salt around. The sun and the wind see to it that the seawater evaporates in salt basins in a very natural and organic way. The product that is left consists of wonderful coarse salt crystals.

Nonetheless, the bulk of the salt market is dominated by vacuum (PDV ) and rock salt. These are salts that are mined. This process demands huge amount of energy and often causes irreparable damage to the soil. 

*Number of kg CO2eq emitted during the production of 1 tonne of salt.

Sustainable refining

To render the coarse salt crystals suitable for industrial use, they just need to be rinsed, dried and sieved. Straightforward, entirely natural steps which do not involve any kind of additives or other chemical processes. The natural variation in grains means sea salt comes in different grain sizes. From extra fine to extra coarse.

High-quality end product

Careful though! Not all sea salt on the market attains the kind of purity rating that is high enough for your intended purposes. ZOUTMAN’s sea salt, on the other hand, achieves a 99.8% NaCl purity level. Which is unique on the market. Our salt rivals the purity of PDV salt, but at the same time also boasts all the natural benefits of sea salt.

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